Bethany Baptist is a “Different”  kind of church, but it is not different for the sake of being different. It is different for Christ's sake. Bethany Baptist was established in 1953 and has been committed to our LORD, Lafayette, and the surrounding communities for over 60 years. 


We believe God has given us His word in the King James Version of the Bible and that it is all that we need and use for all matters of Faith and Practice. Bethany is centered around Christ and God's Word.  


The “world'” and some other churches have many activities geared toward age groups, gender, and a person's interests. Bethany does not. If you are looking to be entertained and amused; Bethany Baptist may not be the place for you. If you are looking for a church centered around children and their amusement; you might be better served elsewhere. If you are looking for a church dedicated to giving our Lord Jesus Christ the preeminence, a church where God's Word is preached without apology, a church where we strive to love one another as “Christ loved the church and gave His life for it”; then Bethany may very well be what's missing in your life. 


Bethany doesn't offer “praise and worship teams” for your entertainment. We do contend for an atmosphere of deference and reverence to our Lord God; that He might join us in each and every service. That He might be lifted up and glorified.


 It is our desire that the Holy Spirit of God be in control of all preaching, singing, prayers, and worship here at Bethany. If your soul is longing for these things please visit us as soon as possible for “the Father seeketh such to worship Him”. 

Bethany Baptist Church

7040 Chatham Rd.

Medina, OH  44256


email:  BethanyBaptist4Christ@gmail.com